ISIS Slice 'Nine Youths In Half With Chainsaw' In Brutal Public Execution

From Mirror:
Bloodthirsty Islamic State executioners have sliced nine youths in half with a chainsaw in a gruesome public execution, it has been claimed.

The youngsters, thought to be in their teens, were accused of belonging to an anti-resistance faction, sources in Mosul reported.

An ISIS sharia court reportedly stated that they should be tied to an iron pole in the center of Tal Afar Square in Mosul and then sliced in two with an electric chainsaw.

The source told Iraqi News: "ISIS fighters have executed nine youths of Mosul. The outfit accused that these youths belonged to an anti-ISIS resistance faction

“The death sentence pronounced by ISIS sharia court stated that the men should be tied to an iron pole in the center of Tal Afar Square in Mosul and then sliced into two with an electric chainsaw."

This week, the ISIS propaganda arm released sick footage of a suicide bomber's successful mission in Syria.

As the propaganda footage shows a car sets off from a sparsely-populated flat piece of land and is filmed heading into the town.

Moments later it disappears for a few seconds before a large plume of white smoke can be seen billowing into the sky.

The men who are filming are talking to the driver on a radio as he drives towards his death.

Speaking in Arabic the man can be heard telling the driver: "It's going well, it's going well."

The bomber's car window has been blocked up with metal in an attempt to prevent him being shot before he has detonated the massive bomb.

The man giving the instructions can be heard telling the driver to "stay low", presumably meaning to duck down again to avoid being killed too soon.

Russia kills at 150 ISIS fighters in deadly mass carpet bombing over Syria

After the explosion the man filming can be heard whooping and celebrating and shouting Allauh Akbar (God is Great).

The video states that the Tall Hudham Village, south of Manbij, was hit in the attack yesterday, although this cannot be independently verified.

ISIS release harrowing video of its suicide truck bomber detonating massive device in housing estate

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