French PM: Terror Threat Is 'Maximal'

From CNN:
The French prime minister issued a stark warning to the country [last] Sunday: France remains a target for terror and the country will suffer new attacks.

"The threat is maximal," Manuel Valls said in an interview with the Europe 1 radio station. "We have seen it again in the past few days, the past few hours, and even as we speak. Every day intelligence services, police and gendarmerie thwart attacks and dismantle Iraqi-Syrian networks."

Valls said authorities were monitoring around 15,000 people in France who they believe are in the process of radicalization. Earlier, French officials had said 10,000 people were on their "fiche S" list, used to flag radicalized individuals considered a threat to national security. 
"We have almost 700 jihadists -- French or French residents -- fighting in Iraq and Syria, " Valls said.

"Out of these 700 jihadists, I'd like to remind (people) that there are 275 women and several dozens (of) minors," he added. An additional 196 French jihadists died in Iraq and Syria, he said. 
On Saturday, French authorities arrested a juvenile on suspicion of preparing an imminent terror attack involving "knives" and "bladed weapons," a source told CNN.
The prime minister's warning of imminent attacks also follows last week's thwarted ISIS plot to attack the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. [...]

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