Latest Figures Revealed On Yezidi Abductees Held By ISIS

From BAS-News:
The Directorate of Yezidi Abductees Affairs in Duhok province said on Wednesday that 3,770 Yezidis are still held by Islamic State (IS), including 1,400 children who are being trained by the group to carry out suicide attacks.

Hussein Kuru, the director of the office, which works to locate and free Yezidi captives, stated in a press conference on August 3, that 2,640 Yezidis of both sexes have been freed by Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Peshmerga forces from the grip of the extremist group over the past two years.

Kuru explained that an estimated number of 3,770 Yezidis including men, women and children remain in IS captivity.

"IS militants are reportedly training 1,400 Yezidi children to carry out military activities and suicide attacks," he said.

The Yezidi official also said that 33 mass graves of Yezidis have been discovered in Sinjar and other liberated areas.

Regarding the number of Yezidis displaced due to the group's attack on Sinjar, the official said  that over 400,000 Yezidis from Sinjar, Bashiqa and other areas from Nineveh have been displaced since August, 2014.

Following the fall of Mosul into the hands of IS, the militant group attacked the Yezidi densely populated town of Sinjar on August 3, 2014, where they committed various types of atrocities against the Yezidi community such as mass killings and abducting thousands of Yezidis, including women, men and children.

Commemorating the genocide of Kurdish Yezidis by IS, KRG is holding several events in Sinjar today.

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