Anti-Islam Group Sparks Terror Scare After Staging Mock 'ISIL Attack' In Prague

Source: The Telegraph
A Czech anti-Islam group sparked panic in the heart of Prague when they staged a mock Isil invasion featuring a black flag, a camel and men dressed in military uniforms firing imitation weapons.

Security camera footage released by the owner of a near-by restaurant showed panicked people falling over each other and scrambling over tables as they fled from what they thought was a terrorist attack.

As they ran away, the group's members were heard shouting "God is great."

Tomas Sagl, who put the video on his Facebook page, said he wanted to show people the “horror” of what had taken place on Prague’s historic Old Town Square, one of the city’s premier tourist attractions.

The stunt, which took place on Sunday, was organised by Martin Konvicka, who heads an organisation aimed at opposing any Islamic influence in Europe.

He said he wanted to shock people into taking the alleged threat posed by Islam to Europe seriously.

His theatrics have been widely condemned in the Czech Republic. Martin Chovanec, the Czech interior minister, described the event as an “expression of political and civic cretinism”.

Adriana Krnacova, the mayor of Prague, said Mr Konvicka should never have received official permission for his stunt.

“I oppose accepting migrants but I do not think it is normal for some people to drive across the Old Town Square causing fear and panic,” she said.

The Czech police said they were investigating the incident but had so far made no arrests.

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