A New Step: French Jihadis Plan Terror Attack While Behind Bars In Europe’s Largest Prison

Source: The Daily Caller
A group of 10 jihadis terrorists planned to engage in a mutiny and a terrorist attack in France while behind bars in Europe’s largest prison, according to the facility’s guards.

The ten men were identified as “ringleaders” of the plot, and allegedly created a network among the 4,500 inmates housed at the Fleury-Merogis prison, located in Paris’ southern suburbs. Prison guards had put the terrorists under surveillance for some time before eventually moving them out of the facility before the plan could come to fruition.

“We decided straight away to move them to other institutions,” a spokesman for the prison told France’s Journal du Dimanche.

Authorities did not offer specific details regarding the terrorist plot, but they did note it was a “developed project” which involved a “mutiny” and “taking control” a part of the prison.

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