That Jihad Attack On The Orlando Gay Nightclub Never Happened, Says President Obama

From Breitbart:

Do you remember the June 12 jihad attack by a Muslim that killed 49 Americans in the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida? It was a big thing in the media at the time, complete with reports about a cellphone confession by the jihadi, and evidence that his immigrant Muslim family knew about the planned jihad attack.
Well, you imagined it, see, because extensively documented jihad attack didn’t happen, President Barack Obama told the world on Sunday.

It was just “a deranged man killing scores of people,” Obama insisted to CBS.  No jihad there, he says.

But it was also terrorism deliberately designed to terrify, although it was done by a deranged man, he insisted, without explaining how a deranged man can plan a deliberate terror attack.

“We’ve had a terrorist attack in Orlando, although it does not appear externally motivated, but a deranged man killing scores of people,” he told CBS’s Sunday show, Face The Nation.

That claim seems unfounded, incoherent, and improper.

It is improper because Obama’s law-enforcement deputies are investigating the attack, and Obama should not be suggesting that his political preferences override a criminal investigation.

Obama’s no-jihad-here interpretation of the evidence is unfounded by the government-supplied text of the killers’s coherent and consistent call to the 9-1-1 services, in which he identified himself as a Islamic volunteer of the Islamic jihad army run by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-described, properly appointed, Allah-approved Islamic leader of the Islamic State’s Islamic army in Islamic Syria.

The plain-spoken statement made by the Muslim killer shows no sign of mental derangement, but merely compliance with orthodox Islamic scriptures that urge the killing and terrorization of non-Muslims. In fact, he cleared up his personal finances and family issues before the attack, and repeatedly tried to clear up potential confusion in Obama’s Oval Office by calling himself an “Islamic soldier.” This combination of planned terror, murderous cruelty and Islamic self-identification is too coherent to be considered derange, and also too Islamic to be seen as purposeless terrorism. So it is difficult to see how Obama can describe him as both a “terrorist” or a “deranged man” — but not a jihadi.

But Obama knows best, as he told CBS on Sunday. “Terrorism is a real threat. And nobody knows that better than me.”

Obama doesn’t believe the United States of America can fix the problem soon — even though it is the home of 300 million Americans, the U.S military, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, with a $18 trillion economy. “It is going to be an ongoing threat for some time … ISIL is being defeated in Syria and Iraq. But we’re going to have circumstances in which small cells, individuals are going to be able to do some harm to innocent people,” says Obama.

Obama’s strategic problem is that he can’t admit that jihad is part of Islam without also denigrating the Islamic theology that is embraced by the Islamic immigrants that he wants to bring into the United States. That denigration would be bad for Islam and Islamic immigration, so he’s decided that the best way to fight Islam’s jihad is to bring even more Islamic believers — AKA potential jihadis — into the United States.


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