In Featuring Grieving Muslim Parents, WaPo, DNC Imply All Resistance To Jihad Is Bigotry

From Jihad Watch:
The Washington Post has been biased in its coverage of the Trump campaign, to say the least, and was banned from a Trump-Pence rally, after which a follow-up article declared: “that should scare the hell out of you”. Well, it sure angered the hell out of the Washington Post.

A follow-up attack took aim for Trump’s “jugular” and shoved the raw emotions of a grieving Muslim couple into its headlines — the same couple who took the stage at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, as Jihad Watch noted here.

The couple spoke of their son, Captain Humayun Khan of the US Army, who was stationed in Iraq and killed by jihadists 12 years ago in an attack explosion. Parents do not get over the death of their children, and the Washington Post in a feature report — with full video included, and a link to the Arlington Cemetery where the young captain was buried as a hero — elected this couple to do their dirty work in a low attempt to besmirch Trump, as seen in the article below.

Agreed with Humayun’s father, Khizr Khan, about his statement: “Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America — you will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities”, and indeed, that must never be forgotten. But the Post and the DNC presented this in service of a truly ominous agenda.

The implication presented by the Washington Post and the DNC as they featured Khizr Khan and the story of his son is that Trump — and by extension all those who aim to protect the American public by targeting jihadists with zero tolerance — are not just opposed to jihad terror, but anti-Muslim, and only appreciative of contributions to America based on faith and ethnicity.

Shame on the Washington Post and the Democratic National Convention for fanning the flames of the us-versus-them mentality in the course of their attack on Trump, and preying on the grieving family of Captain Humayun Khan to fuel their agenda.

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