Staff At Swedish Asylum Center Attempting To Make Migrants More Devout In Their Observance Of Islam

From Jihad Watch:
Newly arrived asylum seekers are encouraged to become more fundamentalist believers by Muslims working in the asylum center.

Calls to pray regularly to Allah, pressure that the food served should be halal, and criticism of asylum seekers dancing or doing other things that are forbidden under Islam.

This is seen often at the Swedish asylum center, according to an article published yesterday. All of the so-called “unaccompanied children” living in an asylum center in Sörmland testify that at the center there work two fundamentalist Muslims who are trying to persuade immigrants to be more faithful.

– One day I danced a little, then he said that it was haram, says one of the asylum seekers.

In Islam, what is right according to the religion is called “halal,” while what is prohibited is considered “haram”. Dancing and eating certain foods is “haram” in Islam, and according to the most strict interpretations, orthodox Muslims should not have anything to do with the “infidels”, ie non-Muslims.

A woman investigating asylum activities tells us that there are two Sunni men who work at the center and who attempt to persuade asylum seekers to become more fundamentalist.

– These men are Sunni Muslims, and they do not believe that Shiites are true Muslims, she says….

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