Orlando Shooter's Wife Reportedly Knew About Husband's Planned Terror Attack

From the Daily Beast:
A woman of Palestinian heritage, who did not adhere to Islamist dress codes for women, allegedly helped buy ammo and case Pulse nightclub days before the attack.

The mysterious second wife of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen drove with him to pick up ammunition and a holster, NBC News reports, citing law enforcement. Noor Zahi Salman also reportedly drove Mateen to the gay nightclub Pulse to case the place before he killed 49 people on there on Sunday night.

Salman, 30, has not made any public statements about her husband and little is known about her. She left her home in Port St. Lucie after midnight on Tuesday, escorted by friends and dressed in a gray sweatshirt, local television station WSVN reported. Salman lowered her head and did not comment to the media.

Salman lived with Mateen at his home on the Atlantic coast. News reports suggest the couple has been together since 2013. She scrubbed her social media presence after Mateen’s attack, but one existing photo of her shows her smiling with Mateen, their 3-year-old son between them.

Public records show Salman was a student at the now-defunct Heald College-Concord. Facebook accounts for her relatives show they are Palestinian. But they don't appear to have been strictly religious. Salman and her sisters did not wear the hijab, according to posts, in contrast to ISIS’s requirements for women. Mateen’s ex-wife has stated that Mateen was not very religious when they were married.

While Salman’s family posted about Israel’s 2014 war in Gaza, they don’t appear otherwise political or ideological, and their social media profiles don’t indicate any sympathies with extremist groups. Mateen, however, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call placed during the attack.

NBC News cited sources in law enforcement who said Salman is cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is reported to have allegedly admitted to driving him to Pulse, and knowing he bought ammunition on June 9, two days before the attack. [...]

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