French Soldier Knifed By Men ‘Angry Over Syria Bombings

From The Local:
A French soldier claims to have been attacked with a blade by two men who reproached him for France's military intervention in Syria.

With France still on heightened alert for terror attacks the latest unprovoked attack on a member of the country's armed forces will be of huge concern to authorities, if reports are confirmed.

According to a report in L'Express newspaper the soldier, who was not wearing military attire as was initially reported, was attacked on Thursday evening in the town of Saint-Julien-du Puy, in the Tarn area of southern France.

The victim, from the 8th parachute regiment based in Castres was punched and then knifed with a box cutter by two individuals as he was training, a source from the Gendarmes - France's military police, told Europe1 radio.

"One of them was carrying box cutter. They attacked the soldier and spoke about the situation in the Middle East," said the source. [...]

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