Children As Young As Eight 'Paid 35p By Refugee Camp Worker Who Would Then Rape Them' In Turkish Asylum Centre Was Previously Hailed A Huge Success By Angela Merkel

From the Daily Mail:
A cleaner paid boys as young as eight 35p so he could rape them in the toilets of a refugee camp, hailed by Angela Merkel as a success just last month.

The man, named only as E.E., was able to take advantage of at least 30 boys between eight and 12 for more than three months unimpeded at Nizip Refugee Camp in Antep, Turkey.

His alleged crimes - for which he would pay the boys a couple of lira - were only exposed after police noticed him taking children to 'blind spots' around the camp, out of sight of the cameras.

E.E. is alleged to have raped the first boy in the toilet in September, offering him somewhere between 35p and £1.20 to have sex with him, Turkish newspaper BirGun reported.

He continued to target boys at the camp, which has 14,000 refugees living within its boundaries, until the start of this year.

Eight families have now decided to press charges - the rest of the boys' parents are said to be too scared to make a fuss.

E.E. is understood to have admitted his crimes, and it being kept in custody by the authorities.

The revelation is another blow to German Chancellor Merkel's attempts to assuage fears over the deal struck with Turkey which will see refugees returned to the country after arriving in Europe. [...]

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