Sweden: Flagship “Integration” Soccer Tournament For Muslim Migrant Youths Turns Into Riot

From Breitbart:
Swedish police have released details of a bloody brawl between migrant youths which started out as a game but left two hospitalised and a number of others injured.

Around 40 so-called unaccompanied young asylum seekers were taking part in a Sunday football tournament when things turned violent in the remote, rural village of Myrviken. Instead of settling their differences through the match, the young migrants set upon each other with iron rods and wooden staves.

Two of those involved were rushed to hospital and several others were injured, but the fight had already ended by the time police officers were able to make it to the location of the fight, reports local paper Östersunds-Posten. Police interrogated what few witnesses were left at the scene, but the majority had already fled.

There have been no arrests yet, according to the official police report. Despite that, a police spokesman said investigations were ongoing due to the seriousness of the fight: “Someone was unconscious at some point, and there were several injuries of various degrees. There are a large number involved, we have identified a large number of people and it will require a lot investigation to produce [results]”.

One of Sweden’s flagship integration methods for migrant youth is the game of football, yet as in this case of the migrant youth riot it has failed with others to successfully assimilate young people in Swedish culture. Breitbart London reported last week on Brussels terror suspect Osama Krayem, who is presently in court for his alleged role in assisting in bombings which killed 32 last month.

Just years before he gave up his government job and apparently well settled life in Sweden to fight with the Islamic State, the son of Syrian migrants had featured in a Swedish documentary about how to successfully integrate migrants using football.

The 2005 documentary ‘Without Borders — A Film About Sport And Integration’ featured Osama Krayem, his brother, and father, taking part in an integration project run by Malmo football club….

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