UK’s New National History Curriculum Mandates Islamic History But British History Optional

From Jihad-Watch:
History teachers are being told pupils need not study British kings and queens

The Campaign for real education claims the new national curriculum for history makes the teaching of landmark events and personalities in British history “non-statutory”.

This means key moments such as the reign of Elizabeth I and the Battle of Waterloo do not have to be taught.

However, teaching about some foreign civilisations, including Ancient Greece, is compulsory.

CRE chairman Chris McGovern said: “No landmark event in British history has to be taught. Magna Carta, the two world wars and Winston Churchill, for example, are included in the curriculum as non-statutory examples of what teachers ‘could include’. Previously teaching of the world wars was compulsory.

“The Napoleonic wars, as opposed to the preceding French revolutionary wars, are not even included among the non-statutory examples.

“Trafalgar, Waterloo, Nelson and Wellington are ignored. There is no requirement to teach about any specific British monarch, prime minister, act of parliament, battle or individual.

“In contrast, certain topics are placed on prescribed lists, for example either early Islamic or Mayan civilisation or Benin must be taught.”…

A Department for Education spokesman said: “We’ve moved away from the old narrow and prescriptive curriculum to give teachers the freedom to deliver lessons that will excite and inspire their pupils.”

And pave the way for the Islamization of Britain.

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