Qatari Educational Software Teaches Hatred of Jews: They Killed Many Prophets, We'll Vanquish Them

Animated videos posted on the Internet encourage children to hate Jews. The videos were produced as educational software for "Boys and Girls," the children's section of the Qatari government-owned Internet portal A large number of the portal's educational videos were posted on various YouTube accounts. In one video, called "Palestine Is Free," animated figures of children discuss the Jews and their characteristics. "The Jews are cowards," one boy says. "I hate the Jews so much because they cursed Allah." The girl concurs that the Jews are "cowards," adding that they "killed many prophets." After the children vow to fight and vanquish the Jews, the viewers are invited in engage in an activity of identifying Jewish characteristics. In another video, titled "Our Duty towards Gaza," the children are told that the Jews are "criminals," who mercilessly kill Muslims in Gaza. The animated characters recommend praying for Allah to wreak vengeance upon the Jews. At the end of the video, the children are asked to engage in an activity of identifying ways to support Gaza. Both videos were posted on the Internet on December 17, 2015.

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