Islamic Preacher Gets 11 Months In Jail For Inciting Violence Against Jews

From Jpupdates:
Muslim preacher Khaled al-Mugrahbi has been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment for inciting the murder of Jews in his lectures, Arutz Sheva reports on Monday.
The sentence against Mugrahbi was passed down by the Jerusalem District Court. An indictment was against Mughrabi in December 2015. Attention was drawn to the sermons when the organization Palestinian Media Watch posted translated versions.
“We welcome this verdict, which will see a Muslim Sheikh who repeatedly incited against Jews behind bars,” the Honenu legal rights organization was quoted as saying in a statement. Honenu filed the initial indictment against Mughrabi.
The statement added that “only our involvement and the lodging of repeated complaints on the basis of material exposed by the Palestinian Media Watch organization, and even an appeal to the Attorney General and Jerusalem District Prosecutor, led the authorities to deal with Mughrabi.”
The organization acknowledged that there are still “many just like him” inciting violence and terror against Jews with no fear of consequences.
In a Temple Mount sermon in October 2015, Mughrabi was quoted as saying that “Allah can annihilate all the Jews down to the last one, throughout the world. But, what does Allah want? He wants us to fulfill His command.”

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