Arab-Muslim MPs In Israel Met With Family Members Of Terrorists

Israel is democratic, but anti-Israel Muslim politicians who serve in the Parliament seek to destroy it from within.

From Palestinian Media Watch:
Israeli TV Channel 2 host: “At the top of the news tonight, the storm surrounding the [Israeli] Arab MPs who met with families of terrorists from the current wave of terror. Prime Minister Netanyahu and Speaker of the Parliament Edelstein announced this evening that they will submit, in an unprecedented manner, personal complaints to the Ethics Committee against Hanin Zoabi, Basel Ghattas, and Jamal Zahalka...”

Israeli TV Channel 2 parliament correspondent: “Many bodies in the political system are demanding a full investigation of the three Arab MPs who met with family members of the terrorists whose bodies have not yet been turned over for burial… Even before Netanyahu turned to them, the Parliament's Ethics Committee announced that it will examine the matter, following many applications from MPs from the Right and the Left...”

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