Jihadi Sid Hero-Worshipper Claims BENEFITS While Spouting Hate About Britain

From the Daily Star:
SCROUNGER: Mohammed Shamsuddin, left, claims benefits but hates Britain and worships Jihadi Sid 
Mohammed Shamsuddin has replaced the Islamic State executioner, real name Siddhartha Dhar, as the main hate preacher of a radical group in London.

He worships the former bouncy castle salesman for becoming the new face of Isis, crowing: “He’s a very good Muslim – he’s from the best of the best of the best.”

Divorced dad-of-five Shamsuddin, 39, lives on state handouts and claims he cannot work because he has “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

Despite his condition, a tell-all documentary airing tonight shows him tirelessly preaching and causing trouble on our streets.

His group is videoed fighting with police and handing out leaflets in a bid to recruit young Muslims.

Shamsuddin furiously shouts into a microphone with saliva dripping on his beard, saying: “David Cameron will be arrested for the way he has treated Muslims.”

The university drop-out admits he was mentored in his 20s by hate preacher Omar Bakri, who fled the UK in 2007 and is now in jail in Lebanon for supporting terrorism. [...]

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