ISIS Magazine Publishes Excerpt On Jakarta Attack

From Rappler:
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) published an excerpt about the Jakarta attacks on their propaganda magazine Dabiq on Wednesday, January 20, almost a week after the attacks.

On page 19 of the radicalist magazine, under the section, "A selection of military operations conducted by the Islamic State," an article on the attacks on downtown Indonesia on January 14 – which was earlier claimed by the group – was described as having "targeted a group of disbelievers." (READ: Jakarta and ISIS: What we need to know)

The excerpt reads:

"On the 3rd of Rabī’ al-Ākhir, an Islamic State security unit in Indonesia targeted a group of disbelievers – in the city of Jakarta – who are citizens of nations taking part in the crusader coalition waging war against the Islamic State. They targeted them by planting a number of timed explosive devices, whose explosion coincided with an attack by four soldiers of the Khilāfah (may Allah accept them) armed with light weapons and explosive belts. The operation led to the killing of nearly 15 from among the crusaders and the murtaddīn tasked with guarding them, in addition to the wounding of a number of others." [...]
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