Egyptian TV Hosts Demand Execution Of Journalist For Saying Tahrir Square Holier Than Mecca

A recent Egyptian TV debate on the legacy of the January 25, 2011 revolution turned into a wrangling match when journalist Nur Al-Huda Zaki said that Tahrir Square was "holier than Mecca." Her adversaries, Mubarak loyalists Mahmoud 'Attiya, a politician who founded the "Egypt Above All" coalition, and Egyptian MP Elhami Agina, took her to task for this statement, saying that she had committed heresy and "must apologize before our Lord." In the days following the debate, Assema TV hosts Magdy Tantawy and Azmi Mogahed went a step further, with Tantawy saying that "she should be hanged in Tahrir Square" and Mogahed saying: "Execution in Tahrir Square is the most lenient punishment you deserve."

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