United States: Muslim Newlyweds Slaughter Co-Workers Who Threw Them A Baby Shower

From the NY Post:
Authorities were investigating terror links after a government worker and his wife shot up his San Bernardino, Calif., office party Wednesday, killing 14 people.

Syed Farook, 28, a devout Muslim, stormed out of the festivities and later returned with his new wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. Both wore dark tactical gear and masks while toting assault rifles and handguns, police said.

The murderous duo sprayed bullets inside a conference room, slaughtering colleagues who earlier this year had thrown a shower for their new baby.

In addition to the dead, 17 were seriously wounded.

No motive was immediately determined, but the Joint Terrorism Task Force was investigating and the city’s police chief declared early Thursday, “We have not ruled out terrorism.”

“This was not a casual workplace argument,” one law enforcement source told The Post. “It’s a well-planned and thought-out attack.”

The killers sped away in a black SUV from the Inland Regional Center, a state-run facility for developmental-disability services.

Hours later, cops went to Farook’s home in nearby Redlands, where the couple fled in the SUV. Officers eventually cornered the Yukon Denali on a quiet San Bernardino street and riddled it with bullets during a shootout that left Farook and Malik dead as blood pooled in the road.

Jesus Gonzales, 36, said his house was hit during the gun battle while his wife was inside.

His wife “called me frantically saying she’s hearing gunshots going off. Everywhere. And that she’s scared. And that she heard noises in the house, like it’s hitting the house,” he told the San Bernardino Sun. “She ducked down and said she heard more than 100 rounds.”

Authorities said the killers had thought through the massacre before heading to the facility at about 11 a.m. local time.

“Preliminary information indicates that these were people that came prepared, that they were dressed and equipped in a way to indicate that they were prepared,” San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said.

“And they were armed with long guns, not handguns.”

He later added, “They came in with a purpose — they came in with an intent.”

Burguan said he could not rule out that a personal conflict led to the shooting, the LA Times reported.

“There was some type of dispute” at the banquet before Farook left the event angrily, Burguan said. He later returned with Malik and they opened fire.

Law enforcement authorities said they recovered four firearms, at least two of which had been legally purchased, the paper reported.

Farook, born in the United States, met Malik while on a recent trip to her native Saudi Arabia, the LA Times said. He had met her online, the paper reported.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Farook left his 6-month-old child with his mother Wednesday morning, claiming he had a doctor’s appointment. [...]

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