Mohamed Abdeslam, Brother Of Paris Attacks Ringleader, 'Stole From Corpses'

How does anyone know he wasn't in on it and had been notified in advance ... and not just a thief?

From The Telegraph:
The brother of a suspected gunman of the Paris terror attacks, who presented himself as squeaky clean in the aftermath of the massacre, has a criminal record for robbing the personal effects of dead people, it has emerged.

Mohamed Abdeslam, the brother of Salah Abdeslam who is still on the run, was hauled in by police in Brussels shortly after the Friday 13 attacks that that killed 130 people but was quickly released without charge.

In a series of media interviews he said he was in no way connected to the attacks and even called on his brother, who returned to Brussels the day after the killings, to hand himself in to police.

"I have worked for the local council for 10 years and I've never had a problem with anyone," he told reporters in the Molenbeek area of Brussels, where many of the attackers had lived.

Mohamed also claimed he had no idea that his other brother Brahim was even in Paris when he blew himself up in a café in one of the coordinated assaults on bars, the Bataclan rock venue and the national stadium.

But Belgian media are now reporting that he was convicted of a particularly sordid crime in 2005.
In his first job as an ambulance worker, when he was 18, he became part of a gang of fellow workers who stole the personal effects of dead people whose bodies they were sent out to bring to city morgues.

The gang stole the belongings of up to 30 people before police finally caught up with them, La Libre Belgique news website reported.

"I am a thief, a scumbag, a vulture," he reportedly told the judge who gave him a suspended sentence of two years. Mohamed Salah pleaded that he had been roped into the grisly business that had begun before he joined the ambulance crew.

This weekend it was reported that Salah Abdeslam bought electric detonators from a fireworks company which may have been used by the suicide bombers involved in the Paris massacre.

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