‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Claims Fears Of Anti-Islam Protests Keep Him From Returning To U.S.

From Breitbart:
‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed claims anti-Islam protests held in Irving, Texas, keep him from returning to the United States. In October, the teen and his family relocated to Qatar after the controversial Texas student accepted a fully-funded education scholarship from the Muslim Brotherhood associated Qatar Foundation. Ahmed insists that, although homesick in Qatar, even peaceful anti-Islam rallies held in Irving are stopping him from traveling back to the place he calls home, Texas.

In a long-distance video phone interview with Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT 11, the “Clock Boy” said he was ready to come home and wanted to do so immediately, but claimed a recent armed yet peaceful protest outside the Irving mosque thwarted that plan. Ahmed told the TV news outlet: “I was scared because I’ve heard what happened recently with, like, people with guns going to my local mosque,” adding: “…I mean, they have the right to do that but it’s scary because I’m afraid, you know.”

Breitbart Texas reported on the small group, the Bureau of American-Islamic Relations (BAIR). On Nov. 21, they gathered outside of the Islamic Center of Irving. Breitbart Texas also reported that dozens of people openly carried rifles. BAIR intends to hold a second protest in the Dallas suburb of Richardson on Dec. 12. Subsequently, the group’s leader David Wright III published the names and addresses of Muslims and Muslim sympathizers who spoke at a March 19 Irving city council meeting. That personal information was public information and came from the City of Irving’s website, which contained the names of all those who signed up to speak for and against the topic of American laws for American courts at that meeting.

However, days before Ahmed’s plea to come back to the states, his attorneys, demanded a total of $15 million plus apologies from the City of Irving and the Irving Independent School District over his Sept. 14 arrest for bringing to school a homemade makeshift clock that resembled and was mistaken for a suitcase bomb. Breitbart Texas reported that letters sent by Ahmed’s attorneys alleged that the Mohamed family moved to the Middle East because “threats and fear drove his family from Texas.”

The demand letters made many claims including one that a blog superimposed Ahmed’s face onto an image of Osama bin Laden and called him a “little terrorist in training.” The attorney letters also alleged that people posted the Mohamed family home address on Twitter, although the numeric portion of their Irving street address was visible in news footage shot at the family’s Sept. 16 front lawn press conference hosted by the Dallas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The Mohamed’s Irving residence exterior was again seen publicly in a CAIR fundraiser promotional video in which Ahmed appeared with the terror-tied organization’s co-founder Nihad Awad. Ahmed and his father Mohamed Elhassen Mohamed, claimed Ahmed was a victim of Islamophobia. [...]

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