Cameron 'Warned ISIS Run Camps' From Where UK Is Getting 20,000 Syrian Refugees

From Express:
The Prime Minister has come under under fire after the International Development Committee, which is investigating the Syrian refugee crisis, received evidence that ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups were running the camps within the war-torn country, but also in Lebanon and Jordan where the majority of the 20,000 heading for the UK are currently based.

A report by Barnabas Fund, an organisation which helps persecuted Christians across the globe, said Mr Cameron was told there were Islamic extremists within the refugee camps for displaced Syrians in Lebanon when he visited them in September, weeks BEFORE any of the refugees began coming to the UK.

Mr Cameron announced the extended number of asylum seekers in September after the harrowing image of the Syrian boy who drowned trying to get to Europe went around the globe.

The Barnabus report said: "In September 2015 Lebanon’s Education minister Elias Bou Saab told British Prime Minister David Cameron during a tour of refugee camps that some Syrian refugees travelling to Europe were Islamists, adding that this was also the case among those living in refugee camps."

It added that "recent analysis" of the activity of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) among Syrian refugees in Lebanon found extremists were recruiting refugees in Lebanon.

It said: "While FSA does not seem to actively recruit among the refugees in Lebanon, radical Islamist groups appear to be active."

The UK is taking 20,000 people from the camps over the next five years, with most coming from Lebanon after the Government struck a deal with the US that America would deal mainly with those in Jordan.

It had earlier been claimed ISIS members had infiltrated some camps, but this is the first claim they actually control them.

Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP defence spokesman, said he also believes the Lebanese camps have been infiltrated and said Mr Cameron needed to explain why he still took the decision armed with this information.

He said: "My sources in Lebanon have said for a long time that the refugee camps where Britain is sourcing the 20,000 refugees from are run by terrorists and are absolutely unsafe.

"If David Cameron did know about this and did not pay attention, at the very least, he needs to be hauled up in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee and answer these questions.

"We need make to make sure we have a Prime Minister who puts the welfare of the British people above the appearance of 'doing the right thing' in front of the international community."

There are also serious concerns around refugee camps in Jordan, according to the report.

It said: "(A paper) on the links between rebel groups and Syrian refugees observed that in view of the fact that Jordanians constitute one of the largest groups of foreign fighters who have joined Islamic State it is extremely likely that they are recruiting within the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan."

It highlighted an October report by the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) which said Islamists "are now controlling camps for Syrian refugees in a similar manner to that in which the various Islamist Mujhaddin parties controlled refugee camps in Pakistan during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan."

The AINA reported that in UN camps in Jordan, Islamist groups "have brought in similar violent Islamist practices" to those that the refugees had faced before they fled Syria.

These include coercion to join terror such as ISIS, and the buying and selling of women as sex slaves.

The AINA report quoted the director of a Christian relief agency working in Jordan as saying: "The Muslim gangs come as refugees, but they have their agendas.

"They're like a mafia. People are even killed inside the camps, and the refugees are afraid to say if they saw somebody get killed. If you ask them, they'll say, 'I don't know, I was asleep'."

He claimed that United Nations refugee camps offer little refuge, with ISIS militants trying to do in secret what they do openly in Syria.

He reportedly added: "The last time I went inside a camp, I had a policeman with me.

"The camps are dangerous because they have ISIS, Iraqi militias, and Syrian militias.

"It's another place for gangs. They're killing inside the camps, and they're buying and selling ladies and even girls."

The Barnabas report said refugee camps inside Syria were controlled by ISIS, other Islamists, or even supporters of Syrian President Bashara al-Assad.

It said: "Both Islamic State and al Nusra appear to have made control of refugee camps in Syria key military objectives."

At the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damasucs fighting has seen ISIS and al Nusra control the southern most 40 per cent, while Palestinian groups close to the Assad regime hold around 40 per cent in the North.

Alarmingly, Barnabas Fund's report claimed that the ideologies of ISIS were an influence in Turkey and the ruling Islamist AK Party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is "seeking to impose Islamist ideology in the (refugee) camps" in his country.

The Barnabas report added: "The Kuridistan National Assembly of Syria has claimed that the Turkish government is sending Islamist groups into Kurdish refugee camps in order to teach Islam from the Islamist perspective of the AK ruling party and the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The Kurdistan National Assembly issued a statement condemning this stating that "It is horrible to let the Islamist parties to freely teach their ideology in the camp. We want Islam but with Kurdish nationalism that is not pro-Erdogan and ISIS." has approached Mr Cameron through Downing Street to respond, but received no reply.

However, a Home Office spokesman insisted that all of the 20,000 refugees were being security checked and registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which has its own checks.

He said: " All refugees arriving under the vulnerable persons’ resettlement scheme (VPR) have been registered by UNHCR.

"When they arrive in the UK they have been through a thorough two-stage vetting process to ensure we know who is entering the country.

"We take security extremely seriously in cases referred to us for resettlement, working closely with the UNHCR who have their own robust identification processes in place.

"This includes the taking of biometrics, documentary evidence and interviews.

"When potential cases are submitted by the UNHCR for our consideration they are screened and considered by the Home Office for suitability for entry to the UK.

"This includes the taking of further biometric data.

"We retain the right to reject individuals on security, war crimes or other grounds, including where there is insufficient information to undertake effective screening.

"The Syrian refugees we are resettling in the UK are some of the most vulnerable refugees and they are taken directly from the region.

"We have always opposed the relocation of migrants already in Europ

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