Muslims Hack Tourists With Knives At Holiday Destination

From Express:
EUROPEAN tourists have been horrifically attacked in broad daylight on a holiday in Morocco by men wielding knives when a sight-seeing tour turned to terror.

The unsuspecting tourists were attacked on the street in the city of Fez – a popular destination for British holidaymakers and often referred to as the country’s cultural capital.

Graphic footage of the unprovoked attack’s aftermath reveals the badly injured victims in desperate need of hospital care.

The footage also shows blood gushing from one of the victims’ head.

A large bread knife is seen on the ground alongside huge pools of blood all over the cobbled streets.

The German trio, two men and one woman, had been visiting the neighbourhood of Talaa Lakbira, a popular area among foreigners, when they were attacked.

The three victims were quickly rushed to Fez University Hospital where they are believed to be in a stable condition.

Two young men aged 21 and 25 were arrested on site after locals detained them running from the attack.

It is not yet known what prompted the assault but a police investigation is already underway.

Locals allege that the two men ingested Karkoubi, a psychedelic drug that has been known to spark extreme aggression and even psychotic episodes that can cause permanent brain damage. [...]

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