Migrant Crisis: Will Take 150 Years To Settle Migrants In Greece

From the Express:
The bloc's controversial deal to disperse hundreds of thousands of migrants appears to be in tatters as just 30 asylum seekers, including 21 from Syria and nine from Iraq, yesterday became the first to be flown from Greece to Luxembourg.

The EU is lurching ever closer to total disintegration as it emerged that in the six weeks the controversial migrant quotes were agreed, barely 100 of the 160,000 people to be moved from Italy and Greece have been shifted under the EU's flagship quota policy.

And at the current rate it will take a staggering 150 years to meet its target - with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warning: "It's a drop in the ocean, but we hope the drop will become a stream and then a river of humanity."

The first flight was delayed by three weeks after the initial group of Syrians due to be moved refused to go Luxembourg. EU Migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said: "It is now time to step up a gear."

Brussel leaders had hoped that the controversial deal would patch up frosty relations between warring neighbours who cannot agree over who should shoulder the burden of the crisis.

Nimby member states have already refused to take their fair share of refugees.

Some of the continent's biggest players - most notably France and Germany - have effectively reneged on the agreement already.

And on Tuesday Hungary's parliament approved a resolution to reject the quotas, which will pave the way for the Government to launch legal action against Brussels to avoid having to take part.

Slovenia has also considered taking similar steps. [...]

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