Leftie Lords Demand All Migrants Treated As Refugees, Which Would Bankrupt Britain

From Express:
Left-wing peers issued a stunning rebuke to the Government today for its use of the word 'migrant', insisting all new arrivals should automatically be given refugee status.

In another astonishing outburst which saw the House of Lords sticking its oar in to Government affairs just days after defeating its tax credits proposals, they effectively demanded David Cameron decriminalise illegal immigration.

It could mean throwing open Britain's borders to tens of thousands of migrants and refugees.

The peers also insisted the Government should sign Britain up to EU relocation quotas and help establish "legal" routes into Europe's free movement zone which would allow unlimited numbers of migrants to enter the continent.

The explosive demands were contained in a report by the House of Lords' EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee assessing the EU's action plan to target migrant smuggling.

The 12-strong committee - which is dominated by Labour and Lib Dem peers - delivered its findings in a stunning document published today.

In it they wrote: "The evidence suggests a majority of those currently entering the EU as irregular migrants are at least prima facie refugees.

"It is therefore appropriate to refer to the present crisis as a refugee crisis.

"We urge the Government to acknowledge that this is the case, and to ensure that the language it uses properly reflects this fact.

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