Deadly Stabbing Attack In Tel Aviv, RT Crew Barricades In Office

From Jihad Watch:
The hideously pro-jihad RT has been busy cheering on the “Palestinian” “protesters” — until, that is, one of them was running loose in their building. They’ll resume their cheerleading for the “Palestinian” jihad right after this break. 

“Palestinian Stabbing Attack in Tel Aviv: 2 Israelis Dead, 1 Moderately Wounded During Midday Prayers,” by Ruthie Blum, Algemeiner, November 19, 2015:
Two Israelis were killed and one moderately wounded in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon, according to Israeli news outlets.

The attack took place in the Panorama high-rise office building and shopping center in south Tel Aviv. The assault began in the area of a shop that sells Judaica, where a number of people were engaged in minha (mid-day afternoon) prayers. The Palestinian perpetrator then went to a lower floor and continued his spree, until he was partially subdued by a civilian, who hit him with a metal pipe. Police then handcuffed him and ushered him into a shop, where they began an interrogation.

Initially, eyewitnesses said there were two assailants. The police then instructed people employed in the building to stay put, while an extensive search for another suspect was conducted. The final conclusion was that there was no other terrorist on the loose….

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