PA Leader Glorifies Terrorist

Head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs Jibril Rajoub: "I was at Al-‎Quds University, on Student Day. Someone asked me: 'Who is [plane hijacker] Laila ‎Khaled?' So I spoke about Laila Khaled, the fighter, the hero, the symbol, etc. After a ‎while, someone spoke about Yasser Arafat... and he spoke disrespectfully. I told them: ‎‎'There are three sacred things that should not be maligned - the fighter, the Martyr and ‎the prisoner. They are sacred. We should always speak positively about them, whether ‎they are from the PFLP, Fatah, Hamas, etc.'"

[Official PA TV, Aug. 16, 2015‎] Note: Laila Khaled - PFLP terrorist who participated in the hijacking of TWA flight 840 in 1969‎

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