Israel's Prime Minister Says Wave Of Palestinian Terror Will Be Broken

From i24:
In a visit on Tuesday to the scene of the shooting attack in the West Bank in which Israeli couple Naama and Eitam Henkin were killed in front of four of their six children, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the security situation would not be allowed to escalate further.

"We will break this wave of terror as we broke earlier waves of terrorism," the Israeli leader said.

He also outlined a new strategy: "We decided today to enact a major plan to employ cameras at all junctions in the West Bank, both on the ground and in the air, with connections to operations rooms. This is an important element of restoring security and foiling terror attacks."

Netanyahu also sent a message to those in his coalition who have criticized his response to the security situation, saying that "there's no question of generous support being given to the army and everyone knows it, including those that claim the opposite."

No escalation

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told a PLO meeting that he did not want the security situation to worsen: "We say to the Israelis that we do not want security or military escalation."

He continued, "all our orders to our troops, security and our youth are that we do not want an escalation."

Further measures

Israel's Security Cabinet Monday approved a series of measures to counter the recent wave of terror attacks that claimed the lives of four Israelis in five days in two separate terror attacks over the weekend.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday charged Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked with preparing a mechanism that would expedite home demolition of accused Palestinian terrorists.

In a statement issued after the meeting, the PM said Israel would also “lift restrictions regarding action against inciters, [and] … will act against the Islamic Movement which, together with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, is the main source of incitement.”

“We’ve added four battalions to the IDF deployment in Judea and Samaria and thousands of police in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said, as he prepared to meet with his ministers and security chiefs for the second time in two days.

“The police are going deep into (Arab East Jerusalem) neighborhoods as never before” to thwart demonstrations and arrest offenders, he said.

“We’ll destroy the homes of terrorists. We’re enabling forceful actions against stone throwers and those who throw petrol bombs,” he vowed. “This is necessary in order to preserve security for Israelis, on the roads and everywhere else.”

There will also be an increase in the use of administrative detentions for Palestinian suspects and “ban those who incite [to terror] from the Old City and the Temple Mount.”

“We are not prepared to give immunity to any rioter, inciter or terrorist anywhere; therefore, there are no restrictions on the action of our security forces,” Netanyahu said.

According to Haaretz, Netanyahu has instructed security forces to prevent Israelis from taking the law into their own hands.

Netanyahu also promised to bring to justice civilians and shop owners who witnessed the terrorist attack in Jerusalem on Saturday but didn't try to help Adele Banita and even spat at her. "We will not accept a situation in which a Jewish woman is stabbed and people avoid helping her, swear at her and kick her. We will bring them to justice," Netanyahu said.


Netanyahu is reportedly frustrated by the reactions of some right-wing Likud and Jewish Home ministers in light of the recent upsurge in violence.

"Too many ministers have sought to cynically use terrorist attacks for political gain," a source close to Netanyahu told the Jerusalem Post. "There are ministers who are behaving improperly on Facebook and don't understand the responsibilities involved in being part of the government. It would be proper for ministers to voice their opinion in internal forums. You cannot be in the government and the opposition at the same time."

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