Germany's Jews Living In Fear Of Thousands Of Muslim Refugees Raised To Be Anti-Semitic

From The Express:
A spokesman of the Jewish forum for Democracy and against anti-Semitism, Levi Salomon, said Jew-hating Nazi ideology and the hatred of Israel had been at the heart of the ruling Baath parties in both Syria and Iraq for decades.

He warned: "Therefore it must be assumed that the majority of Syrian refugees have absorbed anti-Semitism with their mother's milk."

Under the rule of Nazi Germany in the 1930s until the end of World War 2 in 1945, millions of Jews were imprisoned and killed during the Holocaust as part of Adolph Hitler's "final solution" to ethnically cleanse the country of Jews.

Salomon added: "It is a reverse import - spawned in the West exported to the Middle East and brought back again."

The chairman of the forum, Lela Susskind, said: "The fear of a growing anti-Semitism through the refugee immigration is growing among Jews in Germany.

"Many of the refugees from Syria and Iraq were raised in a society where the destruction of Israel was state doctrine."

Terror expert Bernd Georg Thamm wrote a paper about Islamic Jihad for the forum partly financed by Germany's highest Jewish authority, the Central Council of Jews, in which he warns of the "Israelization" of Europe - attacks on individuals, places of worship and cultural institutions.

He said: "The current situation in Israel with constant attacks by Jihadists on people is conceivable in Europe."

Ms Susskind warned that to integrate all the refugees into German society "would be very difficult. But we don't believe our fears are being taken seriously by politicians".

Anti Jewish crimes rose to a five-year high in 2014 with 1,596 recorded hate crimes against Jewish people, more than in any other EU state.

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