Saudi Engineer Brutally Beats Up Indian Worker

From Tarek Fatah:
This is the video that has gone viral. It shows a Saudi engineer brutally beating up an Indian worker engaged in the Grand Mosque expansion work in Mecca. The video, which was initially shared on Facebook, has been viewed by thousands of social media users across the globe.

The shocking video shows a Saudi engineer beating up an Indian worker, who repeatedly tries to apologise. In the nearly two-minute video, the construction worker is seen pleading for mercy, while the Saudi engineer continues to kick and flog him. The engineer also spits on him after repeatedly slapping him.

The incident has raked up a major debate in Saudi Arabia, where a lawyer has asked the government to take legal action against the engineer. Lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Mushaiti has approached the Saudi government to arrest the engineer, Saudi Gazette reported.

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