UK: Young Mother Stole Twin's Passport, Traveled To Syria

But the worst part is that she's given a pass because she has a child. Her child is at great risk with such a mother.

From the Daily Mail:
A young mother who stole her twin sister's passport in order to join ISIS for a second time has escaped a jail sentence after a judge told her it was an exceptional case.

Jamila Henry, 22, was arrested in Turkey in March as she prepared to board a bus in the capital Ankara, because Turkish police suspected she was heading to join ISIS.

It emerged that she was travelling on her twin's passport and the two sisters could not be more different: one was a self-confessed 'party girl' who was supposed to be on a weekend in Amsterdam with friends when her passport was taken by her sister.

The other was a Muslim convert who was making her second visit to Syria, after returning to Britain with her baby son, a few months earlier.

Prosecutors dropped terrorism charges against Jamila even though she admitted spending six months living in Raqqa, the self-declared capital of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), with her two-year-old son.

She brought him back to London but disappeared back to Syria four months later without him because she was missing her friends there.

Jamila had told police officers as she was driven from Luton Airport to London for questioning, that she had been 'lonely and had she had been to Turkey and Syria to see friends.'

She said she had a friend in Atmeh, a refugee camp just over the border from Turkey, and 'expressed a desire to look after Muslim children who had suffered,' Brinder Soora, prosecuting, said...

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