Sweden: 30 Grenade Attacks In 6 Months In Muslim-Dominated Malmö

From Jihad Watch:
While the Swedish elite celebrates itself by calling the former Viking land a “humanitarian superpower” for letting in hundreds of thousands of Muslims within a handful of years, the country is falling apart. Recently there were four grenade explosions in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and famous for its high percentage of Muslim citizens, in a single week. The last was the 30th grenade explosion in Malmö since January 2015 (compared to “only” 25 explosions in all of 2014). A bit about Malmö:
According to statistics provided by local authorities, 31 percent of the city’s population of 300,000 was born abroad, and nearly 41 percent of the residents have a foreign background. The main countries from which immigration takes place are ones which have been recently plagued by conflicts – migrant groups from Iraq, Syria, the former Yugoslavia and Somalia are among them. The data also says that the Muslim population constitutes about 20 percent of Malmo’s population; this is one of the most significant percentages in Scandinavian cities.
Rape is rampant in Sweden. Recently a woman was kidnapped by two asylum seekers who raped her for a week. With around 6,000 reported rapes and many, many more unreported rapes, Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest rape rate per citizen.

Via JihadWatch:
More than 75,000 sexual crimes yearly (including unreported attacks) in a country with only four million women might explain Swedish women’s fear of leaving their dwelling without escort. Translated from Swedish Statistics Brå:

In 2013, 17,400 sexual offenses were reported, of which 5,900 was categorized as rape. The number of reported rapes is down 5 percent from last year. Seen over a ten-year period, the number of reported rapes has increased sharply due to several reasons….Sexual offenses are one of the types of crime that is least likely to be reported to the police — only 23 percent of sexual offenses are reported.
Crime rates are surging year after year.

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