Spain: Arrests Made ISIS Terror Network

From the Daily Mail:
A terror suspect known as ‘the Salami Jihadi’ has been arrested in Spain, accused of running an ISIS recruitment network.

Moroccan-born Abdeladim Achriaa, a long-time resident of Spain, was arrested along with 13 others in a police operation targeting ISIS sympathisers in Spain and Morocco.

The 26-year-old self-proclaimed jihadi is accused of recruiting foreign fighters to ‘carry out massacres and create a climate of mass panic and instability’.

Police seized the accused ISIS recruiter in the small town of San Martin de la Vega, south of Madrid, as part of a joint Spanish-Moroccan operation on Tuesday.

A further 13 terror suspects were seized in the operation, including Achriaa’s father-in-law.

It has been reported that a further five of his brothers-in-law, all siblings of his partner Hafsa Azaoum, have travelled to fight with ISIS in Syria.

Two of these are said to have died in combat.

When asked why his relatives had travelled to Syria, Achriaa responsed: ‘To fight and to die’.

The ‘Salami Jihadi’ title comes from one of Achriaa’s several Facebook profiles, on which he used the bizarre nickname.
Achriaa was denied bail yesterday at Spain’s High Court, after Judge Juan Pablo Gonzalez claimed he posed a flight risk and ordered him to be held on terrorism charges pending further investigation.

Judge Gonzalez accused the alleged recruiter of ‘coordinating the members of a Syrian-Iraqi affiliate of Islamic State deployed in several cities in Morocco’...

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