Second Tunisia Terror Attack Foiled

From the Daily Mail:
Five Islamic extremists on the verge of carrying out another terrorist attack on holidaymakers in Tunisia were yesterday shot dead. 
The five men were killed by Tunisian special forces as thousands of Britons fled the North African country after a security alert.

Holiday companies started flying home 3,000 people yesterday after the Foreign Office warned that another ISIS attack was 'highly likely'.

Security forces tracked down eight ISIS suspects believed to be about to launch another bloodthirsty attack on tourists, with five of the militants killed near the town of El Ktar.

The three others escaped and are still on the run, the Daily Mirror reported.

An intelligence source told the newspaper: 'Tunisian Special Forces acted swiftly as the evacuation got under way to stop them launching another attack.'

Despite the foiled attack - just two weeks after 38 tourists, 30 British, were slaughtered in Sousse - many of the holidaymakers flown home said they felt the government had overreacted.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was forced to defend the decision, which he said was carefully considered and not a 'knee-jerk reaction'.

Some Britons on their way home said they felt safer in Tunisia than on home soil...

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