London Mayor: ISIS Flag Shouldn't Be Banned By Law Because Britain Is A "Free Country"

From Jihad Watch:
The UK is a free country. Sure. It’s a free country if you preach hatred, jihad, and Sharia. But if you dare to point out that Islam has a doctrine of violence against unbelievers, then no, it is not a free country at all.

“The Isis flag should not be banned because Britain is a ‘free country’, says Boris Johnson,” by Jon Stone, Independent, July 8, 2015:
The Isis flag should not be banned by law because Britain is a “free country”, Boris Johnson has said.

The Mayor of London said he did not want to see the flag of the so-called Islamic State flying anywhere but said that banning it in law could prove unworkable.

“I don’t like people carrying the ISIS flag … I think a balance has got to be struck,” he LBC radio.

“We live in a free country and I think you’d have to have primary legislation to designate certain bits of iconography as being illegal. It would be quite difficult.”

Mr Johnson warned his interviewer Nick Ferrari that a future government could use similar provisions to crack down on his views.

“Some government would come in and they’d say ‘Ferrari? I’m fed up with that guy! He’s banned’,” he said by way of example.

He compared flying the flag to wearing Nazi memorabilia, which is not explicitly illegal in the UK.

Isis is a militant group mainly found in Syria and Iraq. It has seized large swathes of both countries and says it wants to establish a religious state.

The issue of the flag came to the fore after it transpired that police had declined to arrest a man with a similar banner in London.

Officers stopped the man to talk to him but decided that he was “acting within the law”….

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