Italian Woman Converts To Islam, Promotes Hate And Beheading

From Jihad Watch:
Yet Western authorities remain remarkably uncurious about how conversion to Islam all too often leads people to espouse hatred and violence, to say nothing of treason. Although this is a recurring phenomenon, it is never discussed in public; to do so would be “Islamophobic.”

“Isis: Family of Italian female jihadist Maria Giulia Sergio arrested in antiterror operation,” by Gianluca Mezzofiore, International Business Times, July 1, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Italian antiterrorism police have arrested 10 people who were allegedly preparing to go to Syria to fight for Islamic State (Isis).

The suspects – four Italians, five Albanians and a Canadian – are all linked to infamous Italian Muslim convert Maria Giulia Sergio, 27, who travelled to the Middle East in 2014 along with her Albanian-born husband to fight for the jihadist group.

Sergio’s parents and sister are among those arrested, according to Italian media reports. Antiterrorism police wiretapped conversations between the young woman and her parents, in which Sergio urged them to “hate the unbelievers and cut their heads”.

“I can’t wait to die as a martyr,” she said, according to L’Espresso magazine, which published some extracts.

“Dad, you are called by Islam, you are the master at home: bring mum here in Syria. You are her husband: she’s obliged to obey,” she said in another wiretapped conversation.

The suspects were detained in Milan, Bergamo, Grosseto and in an unnamed Albanian city.

The five Albanians, who are connected to Sergio’s husband, have been accused of organising the trip to Syria and recruiting foreign fighters for the extremist group.

A few dozen Italian residents or citizens are fighting within the ranks of IS in Iraq and Syria….

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