Iran's President Slams Israel As He Hails Nuke Deal

From the Times of Israel:
Toward the end of an address to the the Iranian people on state television, Rouhani takes a jab at Israel, saying that the Jewish state had “failed” in its attempts to stop the country’s nuclear project.

“Today people in Lebanon and Palestine are happy because Zionists have tried to block this deal but failed,” Rouhani says.

“Do not be deceived by the propaganda of the usurper Zionist regime,” he notes, adding that “the Zionist state has failed in its efforts” to obstruct the deal and Iran’s nuclear program.

For the sake of comparison, here's a map of Israel's recognized territories (orange) vs. Iran (green). So many Jews from Iran lost their land as they fled that country. So many Jews, too, lost their lands in the Middle East because of tyrannical Arab regimes that came to power as the Europeans and British left. Most went to Israel.
Yet Muslims can't handle the fact that Jews even have a state. It makes them positively homicidal. Iran's leadership is nothing short of murderous and fanatical. How different are they from ISIS with their routine incarcerations, executions and repression?

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