German Chancellor At Ramadan Iftar: Islam Belongs In Germany

From Jihad Watch:
No need to be concerned about those jihad terrorists. Remember: they have nothing to do with Islam!

“Islam belongs in Germany and will remain so: Angela Merkel at Ramadan Iftar,”, July 2, 2015:
Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel noted during her speech at a Ramadan Iftar in Berlin that there is no doubt Islam belongs in Germany and will remain so, according to media reports.

Taking part for the first time in an official Iftar at the presence of senior officials and clerics of different faiths and prominent figures in politics and society.

During the iftar hosted by Federal Integration member Aydan Ozoguz, Merkel said that other steps will be taken to form bonds with Muslim groups and those actions taken in the name of Islam; in particular violence has caused concern.

Merkel reiterated that it was not correct to hold suspicion against Muslims or to discriminate against them because of the actions of others.

The Chancellor also highlighted that the majority of Muslims in Germany were law-abiding citizens who abided by the constitution….

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