Denmark: After Numerous Assaults, Ice Cream Company Hires Off-Duty Policemen To Deliver In Muslim Areas

From Jihad Watch:
Hjem-IS (“Home Ice”) drives trucks around selling ice cream. Some might criticise me for calling the below-mentioned ghettos no-go zones, but if you cannot sell ice cream there without being either experienced in handling violence (that is, being a police officer) or a Muslim, then I think that “no-go zone” is a fitting description. Alternatively, Hjem-IS can do as in Dewsbury, England, where the ice cream lady wears a burqa.

Translated from JP:
Hjem-IS has given up selling ice cream in several neighborhoods after assaults … “We are experiencing that there are some ghettos where we must stop selling because of theft, harassment and a few cases of drivers who have been assaulted,” says company Director Frank Waller …

“One of our vendors was traumatized after being assaulted there. Additionally, there were problems when a whole bunch of people came and simply robbed the ice cream cars. It is not more than a few months ago that ice was stolen from a Hjem-IS car when we got a little too close to Gellerup [a Muslim ghetto],” he says. …

Hjem-IS’s branch in Copenhagen has similar problems, explains administrative assistant Nina Fisch.

“We have stopped selling in Tingbjerg [a Muslim ghetto] because we experienced threatening behavior, and we had a salesman who was assaulted. Elsewhere, we have – for the same reasons – employed salesmen who normally work as police, while we also have hired sellers with different ethnic backgrounds, she says, explaining that the officers are not in uniform or carrying out police duties. The hired policemen has his or her job at Hjem-IS as his or her second job.”

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