A Deal With Iran Reached

A very troubling event is unfolding before our eyes. In a race to reach a deal, negotiators caved on issues that were formerly "red lines."

From Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Facebook page:
This was the scene in Tehran last Friday. Demonstrators burned American and Israeli flags. Crowds yelled "Death to America! Death to Israel!" And who was marching in the front? Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, world powers are conceding more and more to Iran. They are conceding even on issues that had been marked as red lines in the Lausanne framework, which was a bad deal in its own right.

Iran does not hide its intentions. It continues its murderous aggression, even against those with whom it is negotiating. Perhaps there are some world powers who are prepared to accept an Iran that calls for the destruction of Israel. Israel will never accept this.

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