Terrorist About Her Failed Bomb Attack: "It is not a failure because it generated fear"

Terrorist Fatima Barnawi:‎ "I was ready. All my life I had dreamed about it. We ‎took the bomb and went to the cinema... I told [my sister] "come with me," as if it’s a ‎trip... We entered the cinema and sat down. We were supposed to place the explosives ‎in the restroom or under one of the seats. I put them where we sat, near the middle ‎‎[of the theater]... It was almost time. We left... While we were leaving, the bomb was ‎discovered. An American sitting behind us said: “The ladies forgot their bag.” The ‎usher came to take the bag and found a ticking clock. There were only seconds left ‎‎[until the explosion]. He called them [security]. They moved the people away and blew ‎it up at the entrance... I say: This is not a failure, because it generated fear throughout ‎the world. Every woman who carries a bag needs to be checked before she enters the ‎supermarket, any place, cinemas and pharmacies... I don’t define that as a failure.‎"

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