Spanish Court To Try Moroccan Man For Glorifying Terrorism

From the Latin American Herald Tribune:
A Moroccan man, Nabil Benkaddour, who tried to reach Syria via Turkey to join jihad, will be tried by the Spanish High Court on Monday following his arrest in San Pedro del Pinatar in Southeastern Spain on Nov.19.

If found guilty, Benkaddour, who is also accused of glorifying jihadist terrorism on social media, could face up to two-years in prison.

The accused had posted on social media, a photo of his three-year-old son, holding a toy rifle along with images of various terrorist leaders with the message: “We have chosen the way of the jihad and we will continue to follow it.”

Benkaddour, who had booked himself into a hotel in Istanbul for around 10 days, was arrested after the Spanish Civil Guard found he had tried to travel to Syria via Turkey on Jan.10, 2014.

However, he was not allowed to board the flight by Turkish authorities as he did not have a return ticket needed to enter the country.

Investigators say since July 2013, Benkaddour had been active on online jihadist forums that disseminate videos of terrorist actions and facilitate indoctrination and recruitment.

He maintained different profiles on Facebook and Twitter, through which he posted photos, videos and comments encouraging terrorist activities, they added.

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