Spain: Speeding Car Hid ISIS Suspect, Tried To Help Him Get Out Of Country

From Think Spain:
A French youth caught driving at 235 kilometres per hour on the AP-7 motorway through the province of Valencia may have been helping an Islamic State suspect get out of the country.

The 22-year-old and two other young men, all second- or third-generation Algerians born in France, were seen by helicopter doubling the speed limit in an open-top Mercedes Cabrio, with its roof down, in Corbera (Valencia province) between Cullera and Sueca heading southbound in the Alicante direction.

Police caught up with them and pulled them over when they reached the tolls at Ondara (Alicante province), where they were about to leave the motorway.

A search on the car uncovered €200,000 in cash in a sports bag in the boot, the source of which none of the three men were able to account for.

Much of the money was in high-denomination notes, mainly of €500 and €200.

Officers say their 'excuses' were 'lame' and 'difficult to believe', so they seized the cash and identified and arrested the youths.

A background check on them showed that one of the three was under vigilance by the French authorities, who had reason to believe he had been 'recruited' by the Islamic State and was preparing to leave for Syria to join the Holy War, or Jihad.

Although it has not been proven that the money was destined for the radical Muslim terrorism organisation, and it is not yet known whether it was obtained in France or Spain, police have filed charges against the three men for carrying it because it is illegal to enter or leave the country with more than €10,000 in cash unless it is declared in time and customs duty paid on it.

Fines can range from €600 to 50% of the amount of money found, but when the person in custody of it has attempted to hide it from authorities, the fine can reach the full amount of the cash haul.

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