ISIS Trains Young Boys For Jihad Inside Metal Cage

From The Spectator:
The Islamic State is training young boys to fight jihad inside a massive metal cage, according to a video released by the terror group.

Small groups of young boys are shown fistfighting inside the barrier, dressed in matching grey outfits and black masks. One pulls out a weapon and aims it at another boy, apparently part of a training exercise. An older militant, dressed in camouflage, directs the boys.

“Other scenes show the masked boys breaking tiles with their heads, practicing bizarre acrobatic fighting moves and crawling through metal tubes as ISIS fighters fire live rounds over their heads,”according to The Daily Mail.

The Islamic State frequently refers to child fighters as “cubs of the caliphate.” In February, the terror group released a video showing young boys performing military-style exercises and reciting from Islam’s holy books at a jihadi training camp.

In this video, several spotlights shine on the boys while they fight beneath Islamic State flags. Outside the cage, boys line the cage’s perimeter, linking arms around each other’s shoulders.

The Islamic State has repeatedly used young children in its propaganda. The group released videos of boy executioners – one killing two alleged Russian spies and the other killing a purported Mossad agent.

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