ISIS Beheads A Libyan Soldier Outside A Mosque For 'Education Purposes'

From the Daily Mail:
Barbaric jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Libya have brutally beheaded a government soldier outside a mosque while children no older than eight years old look on.

The savage execution took place in the northern port city of Derna, which was seized by ISIS militants in October last year as the country tore itself apart in civil war.

The chilling photographs show regime soldier Abdulnabi Shurgawi wearing an orange jumpsuit as he is dragged into a public square and executed.

A second shot shows a depraved militant holding the man's head aloft while young boys are allowed to crowd around his bloodied corpse for what ISIS described as 'education purposes'.

The first of the two images shows Shurgawi, who fought for the internationally recognised Libyan government based in Tobruk, being led out into a square by a group of black-clad, masked militants.

It is believed he was captured by ISIS earlier this week and charged with 'apostasy', which essentially meant not practicing Islam according to ISIS' barbaric interpretation...

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