How The Palestinian Authority And Fatah Respond To Vehicular Attacks

As the Supreme Court sides with the U.S. president, failing to recognize Jerusalem as a part of Israel, Palestinians, whom the Western world stupidly supports, calls for more vehicle attacks against Israelis.

Encouragement for the use of vehicles as "weapons" for terrorist attacks: On November 6, 2014, the Facebook page of the Shabiba Movement (Fatah's student faction at Al-Najah University) posted a cartoon encouraging vehicular attacks. It appeared the day after the vehicular attack in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem which killed a Border Police officer and injured 13 people. The Arabic reads, "Resist, even with your car," and "Our Palestinian people are not helpless. Our Palestinian people will explode in every way. Resist and then resist once more and then resist again" (Facebook page of the Shabiba Movement in Al-Najah University, November 6, 2014). Note: The same cartoon had appeared previously on Fatah's official Facebook page in the Awarta region (south of Nablus). 
1. During the first half of 2015 there was a rise in the number of vehicular attacks, continuing the trend of 2014. Since the beginning of 2015 there have been seven vehicular attacks, four of them in Jerusalem (a focal point for such attacks) and three in Judea and Samaria. The attacks killed one civilian and wounded 12 individuals, ten of them members of the Israeli security forces.[1]

2. An ITIC examination of Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah responses to vehicular attacks revealed that they have expressed sympathy and on occasion support for such attacks. However it was not always expressed explicitly and formally by senior Fatah or PA figures. The main platform for expressions of support has been the Fatah and PA-affiliated media, which have systematically avoided condemning the attacks (even those targeting civilians). They have consistently given a forum to the false claims of relatives that the vehicular attacks were "traffic accidents" and accused Israel of wantonly "murdering" or "killing" the terrorists who carry them out.

3. Political and propaganda support is given to vehicular attacks because, in ITIC assessment, it is a PA and Fatah concept that they are part of what the Palestinians call the "popular resistance." Since the Sixth Fatah Conference (held in August 2009) vehicular attacks have been a leading Palestinian strategy. It has been applied on the ground and integrated into the political, economic, propaganda and lawfare campaign the PA wages against Israel.[2]

4.  That being the case, the PA and Fatah provide full public and diplomatic legitimacy for attacks carried out as part of the "popular resistance." For example, for Nakba Day (May 15, 2015) Mahmoud Abbas, visiting Italy at the time, stated the so-called "non-violent" protests against the "occupation" would continue. On April 26, 2015, Amin Maqboul, secretary of Fatah's Revolutionary Council, participated in a telephone interview with the Huna Al-Quds TV channel. He claimed the Palestinian leadership supported the "popular resistance" against Israel, saying, "We bless, encourage and support the hands of our brothers who confront the IDF forces in the streets of Jerusalem." He added that the Palestinian leadership appealed to the "popular resistance" and supported its confrontations against Israel in Jerusalem and all the Palestinian cities (, April 26, 2015).

5. The PA and Fatah repeatedly claim, for political and propaganda purposes, that the "popular resistance" is a peaceful, non-violent protest. That is untrue because in reality massive and continual violence has accompanied the "popular resistance." Rocks, stones and Molotov cocktails are consistently hurled at the Israeli security forces and Israeli civilians. In addition, in "popular resistance" attacks knives, axes, meat cleavers and vehicles are included, used for stabbing and vehicular attacks. They are used mostly by "lone wolf" terrorists not affiliated with established terrorist organizations...

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