Even United Nations Can’t Keep Track Of ISIS’ Antiquities Destruction

From Vocativ:
Rumors began circulating over the weekend that ISIS had planted bombs at the ancient ruins of Palmyra, preparing to blow up the latest world heritage site to fall into the extremists’ hands.

The chatter started on Facebook, where an anonymous user posted images of three red-capped bottles on a page dedicated to Palmyra’s “antique treasures.” The post claimed the bottles were explosives ISIS would use to destroy the Temple of Bel, which has stood in the ancient city since the 1st Century.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights echoed the report, adding that it was unknown “whether [ISIS had] mined the city in order to destroy the antiquities or to prevent the regime forces from [advancing].”

Experts weighed in, including Sam Hardy, a researcher who blogs about conflict antiquities. He noted that a “location photo” included in the original Facebook post appeared to confirm that the snapshot of the bottles was actually taken in Palmyra. But he added that he would not be able to confirm whether the explosives were real—until they were detonated...
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