U.S.: Two Men Arrested For Trying To Provide Support To ISIS

From the Daily Mail:
Two men accused of attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State militant group have been arrested, the U.S. Justice Department said on Friday.

Federal prosecutors alleged that both men intended to travel overseas to join the group.

Muhanad Budawi, 24, and Nader Elhuzayel [pictured], 24, both of Anaheim, California, were arrested on Thursday, prosecutors said.

Elhuzayel was detained at Los Angeles International Airport and Budawi in Orange County.

he men were expected to be charged Friday in federal court in Santa Ana in the probe conducted by a joint terrorism task force made up of federal and local authorities.
The FBI declined to give further details about the incident.

According to an FBI affidavit seen by The LA Times,  the agency was aware of the young men's social media activity about ISIS and several phone conversations.

But their commitment to the terrorist cause hardened earlier this month when the pair together bought a one-way ticket for Elhuzayel to fly to Turkey and on to Tel Aviv.

Elhuzayel mentioned visiting Palestinian relatives then making his way to the battlefield by crossing into Egypt.

Badawi had not travel plans but was arrested because he also paid for Elhuzayel's airfare.

The affidavit also revealed that Elhuzayel had made plans over social media to marry an ISIS supporter while in Palestine and the pair professed love for each other.

According to the court documents: 'Early in their communications, the woman told Elhuzayel that she is pro-ISIL, and that she had tried to travel to the Islamic State but was detained and returned to her home in Palestine.

'Elhuzayel responded by telling the woman that he too is pro-ISIL and that he has the same beliefs and goals as the woman.'
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