Syria: ISIS 'Destroys' Famous Lion God Statue

From the Daily Mail:
The lion statue was destroyed by ISIS militants on Saturday, according to the International Business Time, who quoted eyewitnesses on the ground in Palmyra.

'I heard a loud noise, so I went up to the roof to see what is going on,' one local man said.

'I saw Daash crushing the 'god lion' statue with construction machines. There were many other crushed statues but I could not recognise the rest of them because they were totally ruined,' he added, using an Arabic acronym for the terror group.

The act of destroying the statue came just days after ISIS gathered Palmyra's citizens together and publicly promised not to bulldoze the city's ancient buildings, as they previously did in Nimrod.

'As for the historical monuments, we will not touch it with our bulldozers as some tend to believe,' ISIS commander Abu Leith was quoted as saying on a local radio broadcast.

However the promise did come with a get-out clause, as the depraved fighters insisted they would 'pulverise' any statues they discovered in the city that the believed citizens secretly prayed to...

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